Janet Lee, M.S.

I am an educator specializing in practical professional development strategies and content development. My background is varied in international K-12/higher education including curriculum development publications, international speaking, media literacy, and micro-learning video production. Currently, I am a Lead Learning Architect and inspirational speaker. I like being known for inspiring teams with a fun practical approach.

I see my career as a dynamic and evolving experience. I have been passionate about teaching since I was a very little girl helping the adults in my life with low literacy. I discovered early on that learning is a very personal thing and it is important for me to be empathetic and knowledgeable when it comes to facilitating others. My experiences in Canadian primary classrooms equipped me with the strategies to help adults learn to make meaning with reading. I started to see textbooks in a new way and ended up rewriting the teacher's guides that came with my class sets. A publisher noticed me and offered me the opportunity to write teacher's guides for a new series. This series allowed students to choose what they were reading and use metacognitive questions to think critically about big ideas. I was so proud of this work because I was one of a dynamic team that truly made a difference in classrooms across Canada.

Always Ask for Help is rolling out February 1, 2024!! 

As literacy consultant, I loved inspiring teachers to incorporate media literacy in to their classrooms on a daily basis. I found that media engaged students and helped them to create their own media forms. My Masters in Instructional Design and Technology sparked an entirely new take on my career. Initially a skeptic about the effectiveness of online learning, I soon realized how strategies in the face to face classroom could be translated to the online environment. During the pandemic, I was instrumental in helping face to face forever teachers make the transition to online design in their mind and hearts. My face to face perspective was valuable during this time and helped me to shift the thinking of teachers who didn't believe online learning could be possible.

Currently, I am the Lead Academic Designer for Secondary Literacy supporting a dynamic team. I am constantly learning, creating, and adjusting to meet the requirements of high stakes projects. It's a dream job really. My favorite thing is reminding everyone about the important ripple effect of our work. It's the students. They are our why. 



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