There's always a few of you who are really struggling with this decision you made so many years ago. 

This little story may help you. 

When you started thinking you would be a teacher, I bet you were just a little seed. 

Your heart beat vibrantly with your Why.

You thought about what worked for you as a learner.

Maybe you vowed to never forget what it was like to be a kid. 

Into the darkness you went, totally dissolving your heart in to one purpose. 

You painful-lee grew and grew. 

It took time. 

Finally, you emerged from the lessons ready to stand on your own. 

To dry out your wings and go.

The fabulousness of your wings are the result of all the trying. 

All the caring and the learning. 

All those years. 


You realize the time it took to get this far changed the Why 

into something your heart doesn't recognize. 

You know it's time to take account of the wonderful, time tested, unique talents. 

Time to spread those beautiful wings and fly!

And that's really ok! 

Because in all these years you have gained amazing transferable skills. 

You are organized, administrative, creative, and compassionate. 

You have a learning mindset, are adaptable to change, and knowledge-able in your subject.

These skills can take your amazing self to a place where your heart will flourish.

Those skills are your wings.

by Janet Lee 2024