All About Mitchell!

​​During our tour of schools, the Stewart Family Literacy Award was given to Simcoe County students and their families who were the most determined to succeed in literacy. The first recipient was 7th grader Mitchell Bannister and his family. I am excited to tell you, 16 years later - I found him! Here he is with his girlfriend Stephanie during a zoom call last week. He finished University and went on to work for the government at the SuperMax jail in his Ontario community. During our call, Mitchell remarked that meeting Arnie and receiving this award influenced his life. I know Arnie would be so proud of Mitchell and his successes in life! 

How many more students will we find?

Just 21 sleeps until Cobalt! 

More on this later! 

Are you ready to take this journey with us? 

The FENIX is rising!

Janet Lee

This is Mitchell receiving the Stewart Family Literacy Award in 2007.

Here is Mitchell and his girlfriend Stephanie today! 

Arnie's Back to School Story 

Did you know that Arnie's former Principal showed up at one of his presentations? 

Our FENIX documentary will include the experience none of us will ever forget! 

Arnie's Principal learning about our mission for literacy. Arnie's tears fell on the table as he explained our work to a man who once upon a time said Arnie would never amount to anything.

What Back to School Means

Today is the first day of school for students in Ontario. Back to school can be an exciting time for students and for teachers. Many lose sleep the night before out of anticipation for the day. As a teacher, I loved those butterflies in my stomach because it was a new beginning in my career and I believed anything could happen. I always had a new outfit to wear and my stomach was always full. For some students, the first day of school is not a good one. They have to wear clothes that are dirty. They might be hungry after getting all their brothers and sisters ready for school that morning. Maybe they dread the bully that waits for them or maybe they fear the learning itself - fearful they may be found out and singled out for their learning difficulties. Teachers, administrators, and staff, remember these students like Arnie. Notice the ones who are quiet and alone. Welcome them as the one they can turn to for help. It matters. 

Teachers - thank you for what you do! 

The Fenix is rising! 

Janet Lee

Sheldon reading to Arnie

Arnie and Sheldon

Arnie and I travelled to over 72 audiences during our 2 year tour of schools. Sheldon was a grade 5 student when he first met Arnie. Arnie had such an impact on Sheldon, he framed Arnie's photo and placed it beside his bed. Arnie was his hero. Every time we came close to Sheldon's school, we stopped in to check on Sheldon. During our visits, Sheldon read to Arnie and talked with him about life goals. Arnie gave Sheldon a pocket compass and said it would always point him in the right direction. We hope to find Sheldon again when we return to Canada this year. He's a grown up now and I wonder what the experience of knowing Arnie meant to him. 

The story of Arnie's Garden

Arnie’s Garden is a story about literacy. Arnie saw all students as flowers in the garden. Each one different. Each one beautiful. He saw himself as a weed in the middle of the garden. “Don’t pull me out and throw me away. Water me a little. Love me a little and I could grow to be a beautiful flower too.” A teacher named Mali Bickley in Bradford, Ontario had her students create art to go along with Arnie’s beautiful story. Arnie’s Garden illustrated by 6th grade students is ready for publishing. 

Listen to Arnie telling his story.  

The audio for this story was recorded only two weeks before Arnie passed away. 

He was always passionate even when he was so very ill.

News from Hollywood!

Good news about our film!

Did you know most documentaries are streamed these days. BUT… there are a still a few documentaries that go to cinemas including recently “It Ain’t Over” grossed almost $700K and created awareness for the low budget doc before it ends up streaming. There are many ways to approach our project including the educational market where public schools & libraries are still purchasing documentary films with solid curriculum attached. And guess who we have on our team that has already written curriculum for Canadian and American schools?  

Thank you for coming along on this journey with us!! 

The Fenix is rising! 

Janet Lee

The story of the FENIX

Many of you might not know the origin of the FENIX. I wanted to start a literacy foundation in Canada and mentioned to Arnie that he was the phoenix coming from the ashes of his past. When I asked Arnie to spell phoenix, he thought for a moment and slowly spelled out “FENIX” in block letters. This movement is finally rising and we’re looking forward to shooting the film soon and getting it out to the world! The timing of this documentary has never been better with so many platforms via the internet to reach potentially millions of viewers all around the world! 

News from Hollywood!

The city is quiet with most film & television productions shut down, but many people don’t realize SAG-AFTRA has NO jurisdiction over documentary films. There are two great benefits for our FENIX movie: #1 Any SAG member - even a major celebrity (that we’re seeking to include in our film for an intro or a voice-over) can work on documentary projects.  #2 Next year when our film should be finished and goes to market, because of the strike and production shut down (likely to last many months), there will be less “product’ (films) available which may likely create better distribution options and sales opportunities!

Here's your Weekly Arnie Movie Update!

This week, I'm dreaming of our next trip to Cobalt. In 2008, Arnie, Barb, and I made the journey to Cobalt, Ontario. Cobalt is where Arnie grew up. Arnie couldn't believe that I wanted to go to Cobalt. We met his brothers and sister, went underground in the silver mine, and found his school bell. It was a trip that taught me so much about this man who came from humble beginnings and is now going to change the world with his story. 

Yes, I am making the long journey back to Cobalt. This time I'll have an Emmy award winning Director and an amazing film crew with me! Want to help us get there? Contact Janet Lee.

Arnie talks about our trip to Cobalt.

Two reasons people are investing in documentaries in 2023

Reason # 1: People want the chance to make a nice ROI (if the film does well) and with the stock market & bond market simultaneously a little unpredictable, smart investors are diversifying their portfolios. Reason # 2: People want to make the largest impact possible, especially with an important social issue like literacy. New platforms are opening up all the time, including Twitter (starting an independent film division). Another social message documentary recently garnered 180 million views in one weekend - a world record for ANY film! And an amazing accomplishment for the low budget documentary film What is a Woman? Perhaps FENIX is next?  

Join me on the journey of making the Arnie documentary called FENIX. 

Here's your Weekly Arnie Movie Update!

The kickoff party was totally awesome!! We had over 60 people in attendance from the US and Canada! Sylvia and Scott remarked at how amazing and supportive our community is for Arnie!! Thank you to everyone who attended and for those who could not come, we know your heart was with us! 

Sylvia and I had a wonderful visit last week. We spent time going through footage of Arnie through the years and talking about how the movie can change the education system as we know it. I described how Arnie's mission is still alive in the world through work with Innovative Educators and iDesign. We really jived! We talked about the movie and how it can change the world. 

I keep pinching myself - but this is for real! It's really happening this time folks and I want you to be a part of it!!!

News from Scott in Hollywood! 

Once again, movies prove to be the Recession Proof industry!

For 100+ years movies have been “Recession Proof” and the reason is simple: The cost of a movie ticket has always been (and still is) inexpensive compared to other forms of entertainment: a dinner ($50 or more), a concert ($80 or more) or a day trip to a Disney theme park ($150). Streaming (how most people watch movies today) is even less expensive than a $15 movie ticket. A recent LBN-Examiner study* revealed how individuals are cutting their expenses and reinforced that streaming movies & music are the LAST two items people even consider cutting in a recession. For those individuals at the bottom of the attached chart who do cut their movie watching habits, the good news for indie filmmakers is the growing number of AVOD (advertised video on demand) platforms where consumers can watch movies for FREE while we as the filmmakers still get paid for every view!

*LBN-Examiner News 11/16/22

#1 Never Give Up

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#2 Rounding Them Up

This podcast discusses all the people we need to round up and how those we have been able to contact have jumped right back on. It tells about how we don't know what will happen and it's the unknown that makes this so magical! 

FENIX #3 Always Ask For Help

This podcast discusses the Arnie card and how it has helped people have the courage to ask for what they need in life. I hope you will print one up as a reminder for yourself. 

FENIX #4 About the kickoff party

An imperfect podcast about what happening now.