Janet Lee 

Innovative Educator

Academic Designer


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Welcome to my website! 

My name is Janet Lee and I am a teacher. I've been at this career for 25 years now. This website is a collection of several projects I care about. The one on the top of my list these days is Always Ask for Help. This documentary is about my work with adult learner, Arnie Stewart. Arnie was the "Forrest Gump" of literacy because he accomplished so many things without knowing basic reading and writing skills. He spread hope in the world and became a beacon for students who struggle. My role was and still is to help spread awareness that there are others like him in the world. People who are flying under the radar of every day life with very low literacy skills. The documentary will combine the Past, Present, and Future of literacy advancements in our system. The movie will inspire you to take action and Always Ask for Help

Let me know if you are interested in a presentation to your pre-service teachers or community.